Cladding (for san mai and ni mai construction)

Wrought Iron or Soft Iron

Wrought iron is my main material for cladding on san mai construction.

Wrought iron has a very low carbon content and is semi fused with fibrous slag inclusions. These inclusions vary in size and usually do not cause any concern but it’s worth noting they can present themselves as small or large voids. They will decrease in size each time you sharpen/polish the blade road.

The plus with wrought iron is the contrast achieved when laying down a kasumi finish. Each piece of wrought iron is unique and finishing with water stones will result in a varied effect depending on the stone used. For a void free clean and consistent cladding please opt for the soft iron (only with blue2 water quenched option)

Pattern Welded (made in house)

Wrought iron cladding consists of soft or wrought iron and is stacked with 15n20 carbon steel.

Damascus cladding uses 1084 and 15n20 carbon steel which I generally construct in a topography pattern.


Stainless steel with an Aogami Super (carbon steel) core.

Handle and Saya

Current species of timber for handles


Ancient Red Gum (carbon dated at 8100 years old)

Bog Oak (carbon dates unknown)


American Walnut



Bog oak (limited supply)

Core Steel and Pattern Welded Steel (Damascus)

The majority of my knives are carbon steel based. Please read the Care Instructions to understand the additional care involved with owning a carbon steel knife.

German Tungsten Steels

1.2519 - 1.2442 - 1.2513 (medium oil)

Japanese Tungsten Steels

Blue2 / Aogami2, (water quenched)

Super blue / Aogami Super (water quenched)


Differentially hardened (hamon), no forge scale semi mirror finish. (fast oil)

sc125 (limited Qty)

Same conditions as W2


Made to order, Generally 1084 and 15n20 in topography pattern.


Leather, Thread And Elastic Cord


Leather is Buttero Veg Tan from Conseria Walpier Tannery (Italy), 2mm - 2.2mm thick.

Colours available, Whisky and Black.


Thread is Ritza Tiger (Germany), 0.6mm.

Colours available, Mid Brown, Brown, Grey, Black, Havana Cigar, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pea Green, Bordeaux

Elastic Cord