Robert Trimarchi is a bladesmith located in Footscray, Melbourne, Australia. Currently forging out of FML (Footscray Maker Lab) – a co-operative warehouse space with a great bunch of individuals making, creating, operating and pursuing their passions.

Making has always been a constant for Robert—from wood and metal work to bladesmithing—an ongoing obsession since 2014. Robert is now lucky enough to call bladesmithing his full time profession. It’s a multifaceted craft that requires a lot of discipline. Rules can be challenged, but not without a thorough understanding so as to deliver a high-quality end result.

All knives are made in house from start to finish with a strong focus on traditional techniques via san mai and pattern welded steel. There are two main methods of knife making, forged and stock removal. My main focus is forging, which adds versatility and minimises waste.

All heat treating is carried out in house with an electrically controlled kiln. A hardness tester is used to ensure steel is at the desired HRC value. San mai blades are not tested due to the nature of the san mai construction (soft steel cladding), test coupons of the core steel are used to find correct hardness values.

Robert divides his time between making custom knives, occasionally forging a piece of his own inspiration (when available, they’re listed on the web store) and teaching short courses. Individuals and small groups have the opportunity to join Robert in his workshop and learn how to forge their own custom knife. These courses have been a welcome addition for Robert, he takes great pleasure in seeing his students produce beautiful knives with his guidance.