219mm Gyuto

219mm Gyuto


San-mai wrought clad with a Aogami2 core.

Shop made san-mai using wagon wheel wrought iron as cladding, forged in geometry with a hand finished bevel (kasumi finish) I would consider the bevels a working finish with a consistent scratch pattern. Stone progression of 400grit - 1000grit - 3000grit/Aizu - 5000grit and a muddy soft Suita, The main aim is a easy to maintain bevel thats also free of low and or high spots.


  • handle Ziricote

  • Length 219mm

  • Heel 51.5

  • Thickness out of the handle 3.6mm / Mid 2.7mm / Shinogi @ the tip 1.5mm

  • Blade is stiff with a hint of flex

  • Weight 227grams

Please note: this knife is not stainless and will rust if not cared for, care instructions will be sent with the knife along with handle paste and blade oil.

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